Every country other than the US spends around the same percentage of GDP on health care as Canada, give or take a percentage point or two. As the article points out, health care outcomes are better in Canada than in the US. They are also better in most of the developed world than in the US. And no, doctors don’t work for the government in Canada. They do in the UK, but not Canada. There is a single insurer in each province in Canada, but virtually all hospitals are private not-for-profit entities. Doctors are paid very well in Canada. According to a Global News story as of 2015, “The average gross pay for a doctor [in Canada] sits at $339,000.” What single-payer accomplishes is huge reductions in administrative costs. I’ve yet to visit a doctor’s office in Canada that had to hire anyone to handle billing or medical coding.

As for silly claims like “The Texas Medical Center in Houston has more MRI machines than the entire nation of Canada,” simply sitting down and using Google could have spared you the trouble of stating this falsehood. But then again, that’s the point of the article: critics of universal coverage just pull numbers out of thin air without shame. There are fewer MRI machines per million patients in Canada, but that’s because every hospital doesn’t need an MRI machine to meet the demand. In the for-profit world of health care no private hospital wants to be caught without one. Unfortunately, beyond a certain minimum quantity the number of MRI machines a country has doesn’t have much if anything to do with the quality of the health care system. Regardless, the number of MRI machines in all of Canada does, I think we can safely say, exceed the number at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. According to an inventory published in 2015, there were 340 MRI units and 538 CT units in Canada.

I provide sources and publish real numbers, not BS. If I get something wrong, I’ll admit it but mere assertions and made up figures are not evidence that I’ve gotten something wrong.

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US citizen residing in British Columbia, Canada. Degrees include anthropology and environmental studies. Activism, politics, science, nature.

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