Hmm… I guess I would need you to provide some examples. I never hear him provide historical references, broad and solid or otherwise. Certainly not accurate historical references. He did have an off the cuff comment about Frederick Douglass once, but the way he worded it made it seem as though he thought Douglass was still alive.

That said, he either lies an awful lot or is just plain ignorant regarding the facts of the matter. To even suggest that Obama wasn’t born in the US was incredibly dishonest given the complete lack of evidence to support the claim. Climate change definitely isn’t a Chinese hoax. Immigrants tend to be more law abiding than citizens born in the US, but he consistently portrays them as tending to be otherwise. He keeps contradicting himself — often within the same sentence or paragraph — on a variety of topics and policies.

I think it’s a mistake to assume that just because someone has made it to the White House or made it so far in business (though he’s had more bankruptcies than most) that it necessarily follows he/she is intelligent. To begin with, Trump’s father was in a position to give him a head start that most don’t have. That’s true for a lot of people that make a name for themselves in their field. Furthermore, intelligence doesn’t equal integrity. History is replete with examples of people who were intelligent enough to manipulate their way into power, only to demonstrate they lacked any sort of moral compass once they got there. I honestly can’t tell what Trump’s core beliefs are. Nor am I convinced he has any. The level of corruption around him is something we haven’t seen in a president in decades, and by that standard alone I think we should be very troubled.

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US citizen residing in British Columbia, Canada. Degrees include anthropology and environmental studies. Activism, politics, science, nature.

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