I don’t take it lightly. However, it should be remembered that much more than 400 hours is given in return, because those services could not be provided by any single person on their own through as much or equal effort. Because everyone pays in everyone has roads to get to work on, which 400 hours a year of individual effort could not even come close to singlehandedly constructing. Likewise with the education of one’s children, etc. So it is a “taking” which is returned many times over each and every year. There is a tendency, particularly on the part of conservatives and libertarians, to focus solely on the money taken and ignore the fact that the services given in return are of far greater value to every single individual or family than what is taken for the construction, delivery and maintenance of said services.

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US citizen residing in British Columbia, Canada. Degrees include anthropology and environmental studies. Activism, politics, science, nature.

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