Thank you for reading. While I agree the moon landing at least occurred sooner than it would have otherwise due to the competitive environment of the Cold War, a fact that I believe I acknowledged in the article, the absence of competition does not explain America’s failure to invest in infrastructure. As I pointed out, Spain has high speed rail. So does Japan. Neither of these nations (nor any of the many others that have built it) developed it in response to competition with a competing regional or global power. The same can be said for the huge investments in clean renewable energy across much of western Europe.

Google, Netflix, etc., are, of course, nice features of our daily life. However, French citizens have practically universal access to high speed internet while in the US such access remains patchy. Many rural areas in the United States lag far behind other parts of the nation, to say nothing of other parts of the developed world, in terms of internet access. Again, it’s hard to see how this can be explained through the absence of international competition.

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US citizen residing in British Columbia, Canada. Degrees include anthropology and environmental studies. Activism, politics, science, nature.

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