You described the problem with political-correctness very well. A few months ago the school board in Duluth, Minnesota decided to remove a couple of books by Mark Twain and Harper Lee from the reading list on the grounds that the offending novels contained the “N-word”. Of course, neither Twain nor Lee were racists. While their novels depicted racism, they did not justify or glorify it. The following is an excerpt from an article expressing my thoughts on the matter at the time:

“Whenever I read some school district or another has decided that Mark Twain, Harper Lee, or another author of their caliber is no longer going to be read and discussed in the classroom because students risk being ‘humiliated or marginalized,’ I feel like the works of these literary giants are being placed in the same category as Hitler’s Mein Kampf or William Luther Pierce’s The Turner Diaries. Regardless, the only message young students unfamiliar with either Twain or Lee are likely to hear in these instances is that they were racists when in fact their message was anything but.”

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